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  • Inspire Maths- Measuring in grams and kilograms

    Published 20/01/22

    Class 2 have been learning about mass in Maths! 

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  • Sports at Vita

    Published 11/01/22

    It has been a very busy and successful term for PE and extracurricular sport at Vita et Pax!

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  • RE- Hanukkah

    Published 10/12/21

    The children in Class one have been learning about the special Jewish festival of lights, Hanukkah. 

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    Published 08/12/21

    The children in Class 3 have been using maps and atlases to explore our world.

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  • Enterprise Challenge: Trampoline Park

    Published 02/12/21

    Find out how Class 6 spent their enterprise week money! 

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  • Science Museum

    Published 30/11/21

    Class 4 enjoyed an educational day at the Science Museum. 

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    Published 25/11/21

    Class 2 have been learning all about shape!

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    Published 18/11/21

    The children in Class 5 creating their own black holes. 

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  • Diwali

    Published 17/11/21

    Find out how the Early Years celebrated Diwali! 

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  • Vita et Pax- Autumn 1

    Published 05/11/21

    What a brilliant and busy start to the Vita et Pax school year. Find out what fun and exciting learning opportunities the children have undertaken this term!

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  • In The Press...

    Published 11/09/20

    As we welcome back our students to the school, Miss Gay gives us an insight into what is to come for Vita et Pax.

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  • Art Therapy Success At Vita Et Pax

    Published 27/07/20

    Through these turbulent times, children and parents alike have felt the effects of lockdown. A new initiative for our school, Art Therapy, has allowed our students to explore their feelings and emotions through an exciting medium.

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