Vita Et Pax Preparatory School

Science by the Francis Crick Institute

Science fun for year 5....

Year 5 pupils had a wonderful opportunity this week
when they were visited by scientists from The Francis
Crick institute.

Firstly, they were introduced to our
scientists who explained to the children what their
profession was and what they did.
The children were then equip with all the essential
clothing a scientist needs to carry out an
investigation. After they had dressed in their lab
coats, safety goggles and gloves they were ready to
They learnt about the importance of being able to
find out about substances. The children were then
shown how to make an indicator out of red cabbage!
Once the red cabbage juice was made they were able
to test various solutions to see if they were acid or
alkaline. They were able to observe how the colour of
the cabbage juice changed when it reacted with the
different solutions. They were very excited to see the
range of colours including the bright pink.
Once all of the solutions had been tested they were
able to observe that lemonade and fruit juice were
acids and therefore not so good for their teeth.
Finally, the children finished their investigation, like
all good scientists, by recording their findings.
Year 5 would like to thank our scientists, Grace
Logan’s parents, for coming into school and helping
them to be real scientists for the morning.