Vita Et Pax Preparatory School


We are delighted that you are interested in sending your child to Vita et Pax Preparatory School (VeP) and I hope you find the information on these pages helpful.

VeP is an independent school and we regularly take prospective parents on a tour of the school so that they can see our pupils at work and the wide variety of extra-curricular activities in which they participate. We ask that you make an appointment to take a tour before your child embarks on the admissions process.

We welcome children from all social, ethnic and cultural backgrounds who will benefit from the education we offer and contribute positively to the wider life of the school. Vita et Pax Preparatory School does not have a sibling policy. We accept admissions throughout the academic year and look forward to meeting you and your children in due course.

Vita et Pax School Office
Tel: 020 8449 8336

1. Tour of the school followed with a meeting with our Headteacher, Miss Allana Gay
2. Complete and return the registration form together with a payment of the £60.00 non-refundable and non-transferable registration fee
3. We will arrange for your child to attend a taster session followed with a meeting with our Headteacher, Miss Allana Gay
4. Offer of place