At Vita et Pax our aim is that every child will leave our school as a digitally literate and SMART user of technology. We use a variety of hardware and software to teach our computing curriculum to ensure that every child is confident and creative when demonstrating their computing abilities.

It is our goal that Vita et Pax pupils will end their time with us being capable coders with the ability to program and control using a variety of different software. They will also be able to communicate their ideas effectively through a range of multimedia tools. The children will explore creating their own videos, pictures and animations using technology.

At Vita et Pax we think the safety of our children is paramount both offline and online. During computing sessions the children our made aware of the dangers that face the online world. The children are taught to be safe by following the SMART online rules.


  • Safe
  • Meet
  • Accepting
  • Reliable
  • Tell

The children are shown what they need to do or who they can talk to if they are worried about something that has happened online.

We introduce and discuss with the children who CEOP (The online police) are and how they can help. We also mention other organisations, such as Childline, The NSPCC and the members of staff at Vita et Pax the children can talk to or raise their concerns with.