Vita Et Pax Preparatory School

ISI Inspection report November  2017

As an outward-looking and conscientious school we are always happy to look to the Independent Schools Advisors for guidance to create a safer environment for all our stakeholders. Following a recent visit from the Independent Schools inspectorate, we are both delighted and proud to pass, with flying colours, all requirements relating to Safeguarding.

We have created a comfortable and comforting First Aid room, as promised to the inspectors in May 2017 and have also efficiently addressed the other action points raised during that visit.

In relation to health and safety, we continue to implement upgrades and improvements across the school. Investment in our staff continues with ongoing relevant training. Extra fire doors have been fitted and enhanced emergency lighting has been installed as per recommendations in the latest fire assessment report commissioned by us in July 2017.

Independent Schools advisors after reading our report have questioned if a L4 alarm was fit for purpose in our school. We consulted our suppliers (T&J Fire) and they assured us that the system we had along with the enhancements they had added over the last few years was more than adequate.

However on the advice of the ISI and, as mentioned in the most recent report, we plan to upgrade the system to L3.

We have also swiftly acted regarding the recommendation to store fire alarm and fire alarm evacuation test logs separately from our daily inspection logs.

Assuring you of our ongoing commitment to the health and safety of all stakeholders.

Miss G C Chumbley