Vita Et Pax Preparatory School


As my first year at Vita et Pax draws near I am happy to report some fantastic music making and achievements in 2016- 2017. When I first came to Vita et Pax  I was keen to bring my expertise as a professional cellist and performer and develop the live music making here alongside my classroom teaching. The orchestra is in its early stages and we are thrilled at the commitment and performances the children have already demonstrated and we are keen to recruit more members to both choir and orchestra. If your child plays a musical instrument , especially strings wind or brass, please contact me  by email with your child's name class and instrument so we can invite them along. Orchestra rehearsals currently take place on Tuesdays at 12.30 and Choir Thursdays at 12.45. Also, if you are a parent who plays an instrument and would like to be involved with playing in groups please let us know as we would love to welcome you to the music department and help you to get involved at special events.

I am feeling excited about the future of music at the school for the next academic year and the years to come and we have some new initiatives and concert visits planned. We will also continue the fantastic BBC 10 pieces curriculum in which we have participated in poster campaigns and explored some fantastic repertoire performed by the BBC Orchestras and develop composition techniques and written music alongside our practical music making classes. We have had some of the posters published on the BBC 10 pieces website which was a great success.

The children will continue with their weekly recital series in assemblies they have participated so well in. Please do encourage your child to sign up to play, the schedule can be found on the music notice board. I am planning an Autumn recital series for visiting professional musicians to share expertise with the children so please look out for information about these programmes in the newsletters.

I would like to say a special thank you to the year 6 pupils who have been so helpful and involved with the new music projects they have made a real difference to us all. I hope you enjoy our new school CD which has just been launched and it is not too late to order a copy if you missed out the first time. Much fun has been had alongside learning with the 24 ukuleles and hand bell sets we now have thanks to the Parents Association which all adds to our live music making here at Vita et Pax. Please do contact me for information about the music department at Vita et Pax.

Mrs Tyler Brown