Parent Testimonies

Although learning from home is far from ideal, our parents have shown high levels satisfaction with the response to COVID-19 at Vita et Pax.  Teachers and staff have ensured that children are still receiving the same high quality standard of education that they would when on-site. Please read some of the following testimonies for an insight into how our families have found lockdown learning:

Year 2 & 5 Family

"You and the teachers have been so wonderful during this time, the girls have been really   supported. The fact that the school has kept its amazing caring community during this last  week is great. We also have a huge respect for the work you do. Our daughter got really upset the other day saying she didn’t understand why her life had  changed and she calmed down when she watched Miss Hibberd’s video."

Year 6 Leaver Family

"Thank you Miss Gay for getting the school quickly organised with remote learning and   having pupils’ learning continue and keeping parents informed and involved. 

Please thank all of your staff for their hard work."

Year 3 & 5 Family

"Thanks so much for all the hard work you and the team have put into the home schooling. We made it through today and in the end managed to do all the tasks...... Your staff are an absolute credit to you and you’ve somehow managed to stay calm and reassuring while we are all losing it.

Thank you so, so much for everything you’re doing."

Year 1 Family

"Many thanks to all of the Teachers for their support this week, it has been quite new, with a few minor bumps! Wishing you all a restful weekend!"

Year 5 Family

"I think this week has been successful. Loving the Zoom sessions. Our son really seems to be enjoying his lessons, he has become very organised and self driven.

Whilst this is a difficult time that none of us wanted to see its actually giving him some  amazing life skills.

Thank you and your teachers for all the support, I'm actually going to miss our PE  session tomorrow!"

Year 6 Family

"Calm has been restored in our household.  The combo of Zoom and Dojo worked really well for our son today.  He was more focused and attentive and appreciated the extra support. Many thanks."

Nursery Family

Mrs Newton has posted some short phonics videos to use tomorrow which look great. Our daughter is much more interested in listening to her than me :-) The nursery provision in  particular has been excellent, I assumed EYFS would be tricky from a distance but  Mrs Newton is providing lots of direction and good ideas for what to do.

Similarly the lesson plans from Miss Cook are very clear with possibilities for differentiation and extension. It is also useful having the lesson plans the day before to prepare materials.

Year 6 Leaver Family

"Just a brief note to thank you for all your hard work in enabling the remote schooling to work or perhaps I should say flourish. It was a considerable step moving from class room based teaching to remote studying in so short a period of time. Mr Shuker has made what could have been an extremely difficult process work better than I could have imagined."

Key Worker family

The school have been incredibly on the mark in their responsibilities and care to the children. 

Their level of preparation anticipating school closures meant that days before the        schools were ordered to close, online distant learning platforms and accounts were already   set up, the teaching staff had already organised the children’s workbooks and additional     resource materials they would need to take home. Organisation had begun for the   provisions for children who would continue to attend the school.
The detail of the teaching via videos, presentations and access to resources provided has   been truly impressive. My son's teachers have been on hand and via instant message   responding almost immediately.

My son qualified under the provisions, I am kept well informed and the staff work  tirelessly to ensure my son and other children attending have a smooth transition into what is at present due to circumstance a different and unique school environment. The approachability of our head and the teaching staff pave way for a very open dialogue and communication. 

The school are vigilant in ensuring our little ones are kept safe whilst continuing to attend  school. The feedback from parents in my sons class who are more actively using the distant   learning provision and accessing work at home is not only positive but they are impressed   that such a well thought out programme of study is being sent home.

The children love getting feedback  from their class teacher on all their submitted work and  look forward to tomorrow's assignments. Whilst the the school environment is truly missed  and irreplaceable, the transition from school to home had been seamless.
I cannot be more than relieved and grateful to the staff and the headteacher ensuring my son is not only kept safe but supported and enabled to continue with his education albeit in  tough circumstances. Most importantly my son loves his school and is happy.