Vita Et Pax Preparatory School


El rincón Español

Our Nursery children have been learning how to introduce themselves and we have been playing in the slide, throwing balls, "arriba and abajo", while the children of Reception have been learning the story of Caperucita Roja... who is Caperucita Roja?  Ask a child from Reception and I  am sure they will be able to tell you.  Year One and Two, on the other hand, have been busy learning the story of "Ricitos de Oro" and presented our flamenco dance  for the International Day.

Year three have prepared a lovely Christmas song adapted from a very famous Carol from the South of Spain.  We have called this 'Nuestra Navidad en Vita et Pax'

Year four have been learning how to prepare a real Spanish Omelette.  Do you want to make one?  I'm sure one of our chefs in Y4 will be able to direct you, mum and dad!

Year 5 & 6 have been writing to our partner school in Spain.  Y5 brought lovely postcards and some of them are already displayed around the school.  Some of the students in Y6 had lots to tell, so, sent postcards, and letters. The quality is just amazing and I can only show here a few samples.  I am really proud of everyone and we now have to wait for a response from Spain.

The children at Year 6 are now filming their production.  We have finished the first group and we will be editing and adding subtitles in English so everyone can enjoy another Spanish production from Vita et Pax.