Vita Et Pax Preparatory School

kEY STAGE 1 - yEARS 1 & 2

The children continue to build on their skills learnt in the Early Years.

In Year 1, the Inspire Mathematics scheme is introduced, this is the UK version of the Singapore Maths. The scheme promotes a concrete - pictorial - abstract approach, ensuring secure foundations and deep understanding of mathematical concepts.

The English curriculum in each class focuses on a core text which is changed half termly in order to offer children a range of genres. Literacy skills are then linked to the text, this includes spelling, grammar and punctuation. In Year 1, the children take part in Phonics screening to monitor their phonic skills. Year 2 children also take part in the National Department for Education Key Stage 1 SATs testing in May which assess their English and Mathematical skills at a national standard.

Science is led through hands on practical exploration both indoors and outdoors as well as through enrichment opportunities such as science trips. History is taught in chronological order, researching famous people and the children begin to become familiar with their local area and a contrasting non-European locality in Geography. Computing key skills and early programming also become part of the children’s weekly learning, equipping them for the technological world ahead. Music, PE and Spanish continues to be taught in a creative way by the specialist teachers.