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We are a Co-Educational Private Day School and Nursery for ages 3-11 years
We are a Co-Educational Independent Day School and Nursery for ages 3-11 years
We are a Co-Educational Private Day School and Nursery for ages 3-11 years
We are a Co-Educational Independent Day School and Nursery for ages 3-11 years
We are a North London Co-Educational Private Day School and Nursery for ages 3-11 years
We are a Co-Educational Independent Day School and Nursery for ages 3-11 years
We are a Co-Educational Private Day School and Nursery for ages 3-11 years
We are a North London Co-Educational Private Day School and Nursery for ages 3-11 years
We are a North London Co-Educational Private Day School and Nursery for ages 3-11 years

A Warm Welcome

A very warm welcome to Vita et Pax Preparatory School.

We are a Co-Educational Independent Day School and Nursery for ages 3-11 years based in Enfield, North London dedicated to nurturing every child’s potential within a warm, inclusive environment. With a strong Christian ethos and family values at our core, we strive to foster not just academic success but also character development and spiritual growth. We value the uniqueness of each individual and therefore we also welcome children of all faiths and cultures.

Join us in our journey of learning, faith and community.

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My son started at the Vita Nursery almost a year ago. He has absolutely flourished in every way during the time he has been at the nursery – he has learned so much! He loves going to nursery as well as his teachers and friends. I feel that the nursery has struck a great balance in stretching the children academically, giving them lots of variety and interesting activities, as well as supporting them to develop socially with their peers and the wider school community within a very nurturing environment. My son is so happy at pick up to show and tell me all about what he’s been doing through the day. The school really takes an active approach towards creating a whole family school environment, including the nursery. I have been pleasantly surprised to see the older children helping and looking out for the nursery children. All of the teaching staff clearly know all the children well, and the school community is very wholesome, inclusive and fun.

Mrs Aiken
The nursery at Vita, is truly a wonderful place for children to grow and flourish. I have had two children pass through the nursery now and they still tell me very often, how much they loved their time there. The staff are amazing and know just what to say and do to make the children feel happy and comfortable and want to be there. They learn, they play, they have fun and they build the confidence needed, to move on to reception. I highly recommend this nursery. After trying a few nurseries before I found Vita, I can honestly say, it’s the best in the area!
Marina K

This is a really lovely, nurturing nursery. I have had 2 children attend the nursery and they absolutely loved it. The teachers are caring, supportive and attentive. My children finished nursery confident, independent, happy and ready for Reception. The best nursery in the area!

Christina S

Vita et Pax is a hidden gem and we feel very lucky to have our 3 children at this wonderful school. No matter their academic ability, VeP get the best out of them and make learning fun. Our children go into school happy every day and as parents, we cannot ask for more than that. As well as a strong academic focus, much emphasis is placed on the fantastic extra-curricular offering and our children enjoy gymnastics, music lessons, LAMDA and much more. Sport is also encouraged and our children happily participate, encouraged by a sense of competition amongst the houses. The school benefits from strong leadership which emanates from Ms Gay, the fantastic headteacher, through the SLT and the rest of Vita staff. We truly believe there is no other school who offer what VeP does and cannot praise it highly enough.

Mr and Mrs Kumar

One of the best decisions we made for our children. They have wonderful memories at Vita and are striving with confidence at secondary school.

Mrs Yilmaz

Our daughter has attended the nursery for just over a year now, and I cannot thank the school enough for the progress that she has made in her confidence and development. It is a wonderfully nurturing and wholesome environment with dedicated, highly experienced and much loved teachers.

Agata M

A fantastic and very nurturing environment. The staff go above and beyond to ensure the wellbeing of the children. They seem to know the children very well also. Would highly recommend the nursery. Our daughter has loved her time so far.

Amy J

Pupils are happy, motivated and actively engaged with their learning. They are attentive and focused in lessons and, due to the warm, positive relationships with staff, challenge themselves to go further, showing resilience and perseverance to succeed.

School Inspection Report

A Pathway to Academic Success

Choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions a parent can make. After experiencing severe bullying at our previous school, we decided to move our eldest son to Vita School and it was the best decision we everFrom the very beginning, Vita School’s pastoral care was outstanding. The teachers and staff were so invested in helping our son reach his full academic potential. As a result, he graduated in year 6 with high marks and was accepted to a great secondary school with a couple of scholarships.

When we first enrolled our son, he was still suffering the effects of the bullying he had endured at his previous school. However, the loving and nurturing environment at Vita School enabled him to build back his confidence to the point that he graduated as a confident and capable young man.

My second son is currently in year 5 and loves going to school. He is always excited to learn and is always talking about the wonderful things he is learning in his classes.

The Head Teacher is an amazing role model for the students and is extremely dedicated to helping her students achieve the best possible results. She is passionate about creating an environment that allows students to reach their full potential.

Overall, I have nothing but great things to say about Vita School. If you are looking for a school that provides a safe and nurturing environment, as well as high academic achievement then this is the place for you. We are so thankful to have found this wonderful school and are confident that our sons will have a successful academic future.

Afra M

Vita et Pax is a great school. My two girls are so happy there. My eldest who is in year 6 has had the best time from nursery to now! She has thrived at Vita which I think is down to the guidance of the lovely teachers and the nurturing environment which has helped her to develop in to a happy and confident girl that is ready to start her new adventure at secondary school. I must also note that she got in to the school of her choice as did nearly every child in her class! Quite a few were even offered scholarships. My advice is go and visit the school and speak with the teachers and children and you will see what a lovely school it is.

Miss N

Fantastic, nurturing and academic school. My two children have been so happy here from nursery onwards and have loved every day! The results from last year were outstanding but most importantly such a happy, confident bunch of year 6’s left the school for their new adventures! What more could you ask for?


In an era where education has transcended traditional boundaries, Vita et Pax School in Southgate emerges as a beacon of inclusivity and excellence. This remarkable institution not only provides top-notch education but also fosters a culture of diversity, acceptance, and compassion that sets it apart from the rest.

As a parent or student seeking an institution that values diversity, fosters excellence, and prepares its students for the future, Vita et Pax should undoubtedly be at the top of your list. It’s a place where every student truly thrives, regardless of their unique journey.

Mr Wright

Vita et Pax Preparatory School, located in the vibrant heart of London, is an esteemed institution known for its commitment to fostering academic achievement and personal growth. The name ‘Vita et Pax’, translating to ‘Life and Peace’, beautifully represents the school’s ethos and educational philosophy.

Upon entering the school, it’s clear that Vita et Pax offers a unique learning environment. While the facilities might not be the most modern, they are well-maintained and suffused with a sense of history and tradition that enhances the educational atmosphere. This setting provides a distinctive backdrop for a holistic learning experience, where students engage deeply with their surroundings.

The curriculum at Vita et Pax is thoughtfully designed to challenge students and support their individual needs. With a team of dedicated and passionate teachers, the school excels in delivering high-quality education and nurturing the potential in each child. These educators bring expertise and enthusiasm to their teaching, creating an environment where children are motivated to learn and excel.

Extracurricular activities at Vita et Pax are varied and enriching, offering students opportunities to explore their interests in sports, the arts, and technology. This well-rounded approach helps students to develop diverse skills and passions, preparing them for the challenges of the future.

The sense of community at Vita et Pax is particularly noteworthy. A welcoming and inclusive atmosphere pervades the school, fostering respect for diversity and building strong bonds among students, staff, and parents.

In summary, Vita et Pax Preparatory School stands out as a distinguished institution that prioritises the all-around development of its students. Its rich educational programmes, coupled with its nurturing environment, make it an excellent choice for parents who value both academic and personal development for their children.

Mr K

Even in this age such nurseries exist. Absolutely amazing. Still teachers who care for the child. One staff member in particular is amazing. The kids love her. My kids love to go to her nursery. On holidays she misses her nursery. We found this nursery accidentally by just word of mouth. My daughter has been doing so well in all aspects. The community of parents is amazing.

Mr P

My daughter, ever since starting at Vita et Pax Nursery, had her best school years so far! She adapted so well and loves going to school. Students are all respectful, well-behaved and determined, along with fantastic, supportive teachers. A very balanced school, both academically and socially. Children learn and have fun at the same time. There are various sports/activities that the children can choose to take part in. Moving from a previous school to this school was the best choice we ever made!


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