old school photo

Our History

Vita et Pax was first formed in 1936. Our humble beginnings started in two locations: Bramley Road and Heddon Court. The children in Bramley Road were taught by Miss Maura Blans and the children in Heddon Court were taught by the Benedictine Nuns.

By 1938 the school had grown and was then housed at a house on Linden Way in Southgate.

When the war broke out in 1939, the school was evacuated to Huntingdon with Sister Bede.

After the war, Sister Bernard became headteacher.

In 1966 the school building in Priory Close, where the building is today, opened its doors. Sister Lucia was headteacher at this time.

Throughout the decades the school has continued to flourish and grow.

Headteachers throughout the years:

Miss Maura Blans 1936-1939
Mother Bernard 1939-1964
Mother Lucia 1964-1980
Mrs Stacey 1980-1984
Miss Condon 1984-1997
Mrs O’Connor 1997-2017
Miss Chumbley 2017-2018
Miss Gay 2018- Present

old photo of sports game