student with their arms over the table reading a book

Prep Extra Curricular

We have a varied and exciting range of after school and lunch time clubs available to children. These are offered by select outside companies.

  • Chess Club
  • Karate
  • Football
  • Lamda
  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Fencing


Every child at Vita et Pax is offered a free teacher-led after school club once a week.

Autumn Term Wednesday Clubs 2023:

Maths Games:

Making maths fun and exciting! Maths doesn’t always have to be all text books and calculators, it’s all around us and can be loads of fun. Join the Maths Game club and find new ways to enjoy math! Whether that’s competing against a friend whilst challenging your mathematical knowledge or working together to solve a puzzle or problem.  There’s a mathematician in us all.


Join the sports coaches for an exciting game of Netball. Take part in drills and learn the skills of positioning, attacking, defending and shooting. The Vita et Pax Netball squad will be chosen from those who attend.

Wii Dance:

Boys and girls who love to dance get their feet moving to routines choreographed by professional movers and shakers. This is the perfect club to have fun and get some exercise.


Children get to build a variety of exciting innovations. We use our physical skills as well as communication and teamwork.


Reading gives you wings! The reading club debates, discusses  and draws conclusions from shared texts. Reading helps to self-regulate, expand vocabulary, improve memory and creativity.