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Term Dates

Academic Year 2023/24

Michaelmas Term 2023 (Autumn)

Term Begins Monday 4th September  8:45am
Mid Term Monday 16th – Friday 27th October
Term Ends Thursday 14th December (2pm Finish)

Lent Term 2024 (Spring)

Term Begins Monday 8th January, 8:45am (Staff inset 4th and 5th January)
Mid Term Monday 12th – Friday 16th February
Term Ends Friday 22nd March (2pm Finish)

Trinity Term 2024 (Summer)

Term Begins Monday 15th April, 8:45am
Mid Term Monday 27th May – Friday 31st May
Term Ends Friday 12th July (2pm Finish)


Michaelmas Term 2024 (Autumn)

Term Begins Wednesday 4th September 2024 8.45am (Staff inset 2nd and 3rd September)
Mid Term Monday 21st October – Friday 1st November 2024
Term Ends Friday 13th December (2pm finish)

Lent Term 2025 (Spring)

Term Begins Monday 6th January 2025 (Staff inset 3rd January)
Mid Term Monday 17th February – Friday 21 February 2025
Term Ends Friday 4th April 2025 (2pm finish)

Trinity Term 2025 (Summer)

Term Begins Thursday 24th April 2025
Mid Term Monday 26th – Friday 30th May 2025
Term Ends Friday 11th July 2025  2pm finish


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