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School Life

At Vita et Pax We pride ourselves on the intrinsic value placed on the uniqueness of each student. We encourage them to be individuals and to be confident in sharing that with the world around them whether via faith, culture, skills or knowledge. The growth each child experiences is not just academic.

When we say “Nurturing Confident, Capable, Caring Individuals” we pay attention to the simple rules our students follow to build our diverse and inclusive culture.

‘Be the good Samaritan’ teaches our school community that the power of our success is in the diversity of our experiences. We appreciate that difference by incorporating a range of cultural understanding into our curriculum, advocating pupil voice in leadership of cultural assemblies and celebrating cultural differences.

‘Learning goes beyond our books’ applies to staff and student alike. Teachers are learners and model those skills to students. From leadership training for staff in Education management to performance training for students in a range of sport, artistic and technical skills, all are shaped into well rounded participants in society.

‘Learning is our responsibility’ teaches independence, resilience and growth. Innovation comes from this growth as teachers become facilitators for ideas, projects and charitable work.


Endeavour giving us strength

Charity shaping our compassion

Hope fuelling our aspirations

Faith guiding our journey

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