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Nursery and Reception


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The Vita et Pax Nursery is dedicated to giving every child the best academic start to life in a happy and fun-filled environment.  From the age of 3, our Nursery provides the highest level of nurture for children to confidently develop learning tools for their future. Our individualised learning with high academic standards focuses on the child being the centre of the learning journey. Planning around the child’s interests ensures that every child can be their unique self as they flourish.

The Nursery Day

The EYFS day runs from 8:30-15:30 term time only. Morning, afternoon and whole day sessions are available.

Morning session: 8:30-12:15 (This session includes a fruit snack at breaktime and a hot meal at lunch)

Afternoon session: 12:15-15:30

We also offer wraparound care to our EYFS children from 7:30-18:00.  On Wednesdays children are invited to attend a free teacher led club which runs from 3:30-4:30.


At Vita et Pax we believe that the parent is the child’s first educator and by enrolling in our school we are the correct tool to allow all children to blossom, reach and discover new learning outcomes. We encourage all children to take risks and scaffold them to branch out in their new learning with the indoor and outdoor environment. The children build strong attachment to the staff which leads to them feeling strong, safe and secure. This provides a feeling of belonging and a wanting to achieve more. Play is vital to a child’s development and staff provide and plan materials and objects to encourage these rich daily episodes of learning. We encourage children to create classroom rules and boundaries and promote our motto, ‘care share and be fair’. At Vita et Pax all children are different but all equal and we value all families, cultures and beliefs.


In the Nursery and Reception the children follow the characteristics of effective learning and the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and are taught to follow the values of Care, Share and be Fair.  Staff plan stimulating activities around each individual child’s interests to keep them captivated and intrigued in their learning journey. The children take part in adult and self led activities daily. We value parents highly as they are their child first educator and we welcome their input when goal setting for each child. We share each child’s learning journey through our online journaling system called 2simple, where parents are welcome to contribute joyful moments at home. We offer a broader curriculum through our early Phonics and Maths skills teaching, where the children have the use of the prep schools vast learning resources. The children have access to an outside learning area where they are able to develop their education in their natural world, becoming inquisitive and independent learners. They are also taught PE, Spanish and Music by the specialist teachers from our prep school. The three main prime areas that are fundamental and move through to support development.

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