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A key part of our ethos is to nurture our students in an inclusive and supportive environment which celebrates the strengths and uniqueness of every individual within our school. By adopting a person-centred approach, we ensure that our pupils and families are at the heart of the planning process when it comes to providing additional support. Likewise, our staff possess the highest aspirations for all of our pupils.

Our SENCO and teachers work together to identify any barriers to a pupil’s learning so that support can be implemented as soon as possible. The school has a plethora of learning resources which are used to help overcome the challenges faced in the classroom. Similarly, we implement three waves of intervention:

Wave 1 – inclusive, quality first teaching for all.

Wave 2 – additional intervention to enable our pupils to work at age-related expectation or above.

Wave 3 – Additional highly personalised intervention.

As a school, we have a comprehensive network of external specialists such as educational psychologists and speech and language therapists who can provide support and recommendations when required.

Through working with the parents and students, we create a tailored Independent Education Plan which creates specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely targets for those children who require additional support. Using the graduated approach (assess, plan, do and review), the bespoke targets and support strategies are reviewed at the end of each academic year to ensure that all of our pupils are making progress.

Similarly, by working with the local authority, we implement Education and Health Care Plans to ensure that those pupils with special educational needs are given the required support to develop and achieve their potential.

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