Pre Prep Extra Curricular

Every child at Vita et Pax is offered a free teacher-led after school club once a week.

Summer Term Clubs 2024:


By popular request, we now have a sports club to suit children in Reception, Y1 and Y2. New sports every week:

Football, tennis, basketball, dodge ball, athletics, cricket and rounders.


Wii Dance:

Boys and girls love dancing and Wii Dance Club is guaranteed to get your feet moving to routines choreographed by professional movers and shakers, with funny choreographies from their favourite hits.  The children will get a workout, burn calories, improve co-ordination, increase flexibility, build strength, boost endurance and improve self-esteem.   Wii Dance Club is perfect if you want to have fun while exercising.


Be imaginative and free at construction club where you can create structures for the future. Explore what materials are best suited for individual jobs and study a range of architectural techniques to develop the models you create. The children will develop their communication and teamwork skills as they learn to construct together.


Come and enjoy learning about pokemon, watching cartoons and creating your own designs. Explore how to create pokemon characters through sketching. An excellent club for children who love Pokemon!

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