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Challenge and Achievement

At Vita et Pax, we take pride in creating a stimulating learning environment where our pupils possess a thirst for knowledge and are motivated to extend their learning beyond their books. A key part of this process is through promoting high expectations, healthy competition and stretching our pupils with higher-level thinking. As a result of fostering the critical-thinking skills of our pupils, they are able to challenge and ask appropriate questions to deepen their understanding.

Through an engaging and enriched curriculum, our students are able to work at greater depth – this has been a key component of our pupils passing their 11+ exams and gaining entrance to some of the most prestigious and academic secondary schools in the country.

Alongside a challenging curriculum, pupils at Vita et Pax have the opportunity to attend a variety of after-school clubs which consolidate their learning through engaging project-based activities. For example, pupils are able to use their coding knowledge to create and programme a complex robot during robotics club.

During the academic year, our pupils relish the opportunity to enter a series of regional and national competitions so that they can showcase their many talents. Encouraging pupils to enter competitions which range from academic to sporting has enabled our students to flourish and receive recognition for their conscientious and determined approach – below are some examples of recent competitions that our students have excelled in:

  • National story-writing competitions
  • National poetry competitions
  • First, Primary and Junior Maths Challenges
  • National Young Mathematicians’ Award
  • Inter-school Cross Country
  • Enfield Netball League
  • Enfield athletics
  • IAPS gymnastics
  • Inter-school Swimming Gala
  • Enfield Tennis
  • London Youth Games

Through celebrating these triumphs, we have fostered an ambitious school environment where success is infectious.

We are the current netball and tennis champions of Enfield for the second year in a row. Our tennis team went on to represent the Borough of Enfield in the London Youth Games.

Residential Trips

We feel that residential trips are hugely beneficial to children, that is why from Y4 we offer residential trips each year. In Year 4 and 5 our children stay over night for 2 or 3 nights and in Y6 our children go skiing in Italy for a week.

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