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Introducing Our New Clubs – January 2020

Posted: 1st January 2020

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New club offerings at Vita et Pax.

A wealth of new clubs are being launched at a north London school as it enriches the lives of its pupils.

Vita et Pax Preparatory School, in Southgate, is working with pupils and parents to grow the range of extra-curricular activities it provides.

In response to children’s interests, the school now offers robotics, chess, young filmers, musical theatre, construction, public speaking and Taekwondo clubs outside of the curriculum.

The school is also growing its orchestra, offering more musical performances and expanding the list of instruments children can learn, including the cello, violin, saxophone and clarinet.

Headteacher Allana Gay said: “We had one boy who could not find his place as he is not sporty, but is good at coding, so we launched the robotics club for him. One of the girls was not able to shine in the way she wanted to, but is great at acting, so we have brought musical theatre into the schedule.

“It’s about finding a passion. We want our pupils to have wider options.

“The options for our children have been reinvigorated. Some children are staying after school every day of the week to attend these new clubs. We are working with them to teach them about organisation, so they are able to get the balance between their schoolwork and enrichment. That will help them when they get to secondary school.”

In the past, the school – which appointed Miss Gay as permanent head in September – only offered football, netball and one other club each week.

Miss Gay said: “Now, our clubs are far more targeted, so our children have a much bigger experience. For the vast majority of children, this is an opportunity for them to try something new. The more clubs they go along to, the more competitions they can go to to learn about success and defeat; they are all part of life’s lessons.”

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