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Posted: 11th September 2020

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As we welcome back our students to the school, Miss Gay gives us an insight into what is to come for Vita et Pax.

The new Headteacher of a North London Preparatory school has introduced a wealth of improvements in her first few weeks.

Allana Gay was appointed Headteacher at Vita et Pax Preparatory School, in Southgate, in September 2019.

Having acted as interim headteacher for a year before her permanent appointment, Miss Gay has hit the ground running this school year.

She said: “My first year was about stabilising the school, making sure there was a presence in school, getting our Year 6 students ready for their next step, ensuring teachers got on with their training and building confidence among parents.

Now, I am able to work on my ideas for the school going forward, establishing what we represent and getting the team to develop us in that way.”

The number one priority in September was ensuring quality teaching and learning was happening, with communication with and inclusive of parents next on the agenda.

Miss Gay said: “I have been getting to know our community. We have a really strong PFA (Parent & Family Association) who organise lots of events for us, such as our recent Christmas fayre and disco. I am a presence at those, along with the rest of the staff.

“We do not take children in; we take families in and we all work together. Having that partnership means we can challenge each other to ensure we get the best outcomes.

“Parents do not just leave their children at the school gates; we invite them in and make our own community in here. They are taking ownership of the school and wanting to be a part of everything we do.”

Whole new “modern and relevant” STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths – and humanities curriculums have been created to inspire children to start thinking about potential careers. A new Head of Maths and a Music teacher have strengthened the teaching team and parents have been holding workshops based on their careers to give real-life perspective to lessons such as science.

A wider range of enrichment clubs are also being launched to give every child an opportunity to discover and demonstrate their individual talents.

Miss Gay said: “I want everyone to have something within school to look forward to”.

“It’s about growth and bringing in new ideas from outside. I am looking at the resources we have in school; we are rich with enthusiastic students willing to try anything; we are rich in terms of our parents, their careers and their knowledge of the world; and we are rich with staff who have the freedom to say how they want to teach things – all of that is allowing us to grow and to develop”.

“It is brilliant. Every day is exciting. I feel a sense of ownership; of the building, the children and their futures”.

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