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Month: November 2021

Science Museum

30th November 2021

Class 4 enjoyed an educational day at the Science Museum. Class 4 went to the science museum to explore their current STEAM Topic on space and their previous Humanities topic…


25th November 2021

Class 2 have been learning all about shape! We have explored the properties of 2D and 3D shapes, and looked around our classroom to find examples of each shape. We…


18th November 2021

The children in Class 5 creating their own black holes. An opportunity to explore a black hole! Something many scientists would love to achieve. Well, Class 5 got to experience…


17th November 2021

Find out how the Early Years celebrated Diwali! In the Early Years we have been learning and celebrating the Festival of Diwali. The children took part in creating Diva lamps,…

Vita et Pax- Autumn 1

5th November 2021

What a brilliant and busy start to the Vita et Pax school year. Find out what fun and exciting learning opportunities the children have undertaken this term!   EYFS Well what…