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Enterprise Challenge: Trampoline Park

Posted: 2nd December 2021

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Find out how Class 6 spent their enterprise week money!

Back in June, Class 6 had the opportunity to take part in the Business Enterprise Challenge. Every person in the class was given £5 to start their own mini business and the aim was to make a profit. We sold our products at breaktime, lunchtime and after-school. Each team purchased more resources after-school to meet the demand the next day. We had to remember not to overbuy as we didn’t want to have surplus stock.

Some people sold ice lollies, with one group even selling candy floss! Another team sold sweets and the final team sold handmade keyrings. As it started in June, the ice lollies were very popular because people wanted to beat the summer heat. The group selling keyrings used their creativity to stand out from the rest of the groups and offer a unique product.

With the money we made from the Enterprise challenge, we voted on a school trip as a reward for our efforts. The vote was unanimous – everyone voted for the trampoline park. The class was very eager to go there and when the day came, everybody was thrilled and elated. At the trampoline park, people overcame their fear of heights by conquering the wall climb. We had a really great time trampolining and our class thinks it was an excellent reward for our efforts during the Enterprise Challenge.

Overall, the Enterprise Challenge was a great experience for all of us because we got to learn about how businesses are formed and how to make them profitable. We also learnt the valuable lesson of working as a team to contribute towards our own reward. This was a very enjoyable challenge and we hope that the other students have just as much fun doing this as we did.

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