Ancient Egyptian Workshop

Posted: 6th March 2024

Ancient Egyptian Workshop

Classes 4 and 5 here at Vita et Pax Prep School in Enfield, thoroughly enjoyed their Ancient Egyptian Workshop this week.

Guided by an instructor, they learned to write their names in hieroglyphs ,unravel the mysteries of
mummification through interactive demonstrations ,and built their very own life size pyramid!


Report Written by  Zach and Arun Y5

“On the 26th of February,Year5 and Year4 did a workshop all about Ancient Egypt. We
built pyramids and had a lot of fun! We learnt about some old kings and how to mummify
a human. We put fake organs into little jars and it was very interesting. Everyone got to
write their own name in Egyptian letters. We found it very enjoyable and interesting. It was
a good experience for everyone and we learnt so much!“

The Egyptian Report by Sanvika and Alana.

On the 26th February Class 4 and 5 had a visit form an Ancient Egyptian expert named Richard, at first we introduced ourselves and made a start to the workshop.

To begin with we exchanged knowledge about Ancient Egypt and focused on their timeline. Late we explored the pyramids and using materials provided we constructed our very pyramid.

After break, we came back and finished off our pyramid, looked inside and learnt some fun facts.

Following our lunch break, we learnt about the process of mummification and replicated the process using a model. Then we created a Shabti using clay which is an item used in the afterlife. To round off we wrote our names using hieroglyphics on papyrus( paper used in Egyptian times).

This was an informative and engaging experience for classes 4 and 5.

We would like to say a special thank you to Miss Edwards for making this happen.


Ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptian civilisation began 5,000 years ago when people started building villages next to the River Nile in north-east Africa. It lasted for around 3,000 years.

The river was an important source of water in a hot and dry desert landscape.

The ancient Egyptians were able to grow lots of crops like wheat, barley, fruit and vegetables. They also grew flax to make clothes and papyrus to make paper.

The ancient Egyptians were experts at farming and construction because they were very inventive.

They invented a solar calendar (a calendar based on the sun) and a writing system called hieroglyphs.

The ancient Egyptians were ruled by kings and queens were called pharaohs. Religion was an important part of their civilisation. They worshipped over 2,000 gods and goddesses!

The ancient Egyptians also believed in a never-ending afterlife. They thought it was more important than their life on Earth, so they spent a lot of time planning for their death. The ancient Egyptians preserved the bodies of important people through mummification. They built special tombs to be buried in, which they filled with all their favourite things. Some pharaohs built their tombs in the shape of giant pyramids.

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