The children in Class 5 creating their own black holes. 

An opportunity to explore a black hole! Something many scientists would love to achieve. Well, Class 5 got to experience black holes in some really exciting and engaging ways during their STEAM lesson! The pupils created their own black holes using foil and balloons and were able to demonstrate the complex process that goes into the formation of a black hole, using key vocabulary during the investigation! The pupils then popped their balloons to show the effects of the black hole on the matter around it. After discussing this process, the focus of the lesson moved on to how a black hole behaves. To see this in action, the pupils used a sheet of material and demonstrated the immense power of the black hole through placing a heavy ball in the centre and rolling a marble towards it. They were able to talk about the gravitational pull of the black hole and the event horizon. There was a real sense of curiosity during the investigation, with some wonderful discussions and questions arising from the lesson.